Tutusfor Tots

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 Hello, hello! Welcome to Tutus for Tots, Inc. I am Cameron Pierse, 90's pop music enthusiast, former competitive Jazz and Contemporary dancer, and founder of Tutus for Tots. As far as my mother's stories go, once I learned how to walk and talk, I commanded anyone and everyone to watch me sing and dance. At the ripe age of three, my parents decided to place me in dance lessons so my makeshift concerts could reach their full potential. Unfortunately, I am mom-diagnosed tone deaf, so the singing didn't quite work out for me; but that was okay, because I fell in love with dancing. Twelve years later, when thoughts of starting a non-profit to provide dance workshops at local service organizations began, that love continued to hold true. 

I have always thought there is a certain power that comes with dancing. You get to perform in front of a group of people, evoking pure emotion, just through your movement. What person doesn't deserve to feel that way? Tutus for Tots, Inc. was designed in order to provide more people the chance to feel this joy and passion ignited by dancing.

As part of our mission, a dedicated group of volunteers teach dance workshops for people of all ages at service organizations in the Phoenix Valley and California. I could not be more proud of what Tutus for Tots has accomplished. Unfortunately, I have had to say a temporary farewell, as I pursue my University studies; however, I have entrusted the growth and evolution of our organization to the very capable hands of our devoted volunteers and officers. 

With your support and ideas, Tutus for Tots, Inc. can continue to flourish and inspire not only a love of dance, but a love for art and expression in our world.